Anja P. (Caddy & Photography)

I met Anja for the first time in the late summer of 2008, just shortly before I turned Mid-Amateur. It was love at first sight for both of us and since then she has supported me in every possible way. She was my first and will stay my only caddy and is also also responsible for the nice photos from the courses. Sooner or later I will get her to start playing the game as well, it´s just a matter of time. As a hair & make-up artist she has a good hand-eye coordination and I would bet she could shoot a 36 HCP within one or two years of playing.

H&BE Est.1963 (Management)

H&BE managed my career all the way from the beginning. Everything I´ve achieved in any sport as an amateur or semi-pro athlete, I owe to them. I can always rely on their support off and even on the course.

EMPECS Agency (PR)

EMPECS Agency is responsible for all the administrative and business staff, taking care of this website. Design, editing, publishing, responding to requests, merchandising and so on. It is better to have it done professionally so I will keep going on and extend the partnership which has been settled in 1999.

Gordon D. Manson (Coach)

Gordon D. Manson signed my certificate of playing ability in July 1988, almost 25 years ago. He was head pro at Bad Kleinkirchheim Golf Club, Austria at that time and I spent my summer vacation in Carinthia. He introduced me to the great game of golf, showed me how to smash the grass and taught the "DRIVE 4 SHOW - PUTT 4 DOUGH" way right from the start. He handed over some of his best strategic tips and it was good and important to me to learn from a tour pro who has won hundreds of thousands Euros in prize money on the highest ranked European tours for professional golfers. Gordon was a member of the European Challenge Tour, finishing 4th in the 1993 order of merit and earning him his tour card for 1994 on the European Tour. He is currently a full member of the European Senior Tour where he finished his first year as 4th best rookie and 34th overall in the order of merit. Of course he was my go-to-guy for this position again, since 2011 was the beginning of a new era for both of us: Gordon played his maiden season on the EST and I returned to the game after a break of more than 11 years. His schedule is very tight of course, but we try to keep in touch as often as possible.

Heinz Peter Thül (Trainer)

Heinz Peter Thül signed with BGC Stolper Heide for the 2012 season and he will be part of the trainers team there. Thül is one of Germany´s top teaching pros and he is my trainer of choice for all my swing issues. Find out more about Heinz Peter Thül on his website.

Gary M. Douglas (Playing Captain Team LA GIRA Golf)

Gary is a great guy and athlete. I was lucky to meet him in September 2010, since then we found out that we have many things in common, especially concerning attitude, passion and motivation. He was an american football quarterback with good running skills and a tremendous passing arm and is also an avid golfer (HCP 22) and smart entrepreneur. His passion for golf and his knowledge about physical workout and training, helps me a lot to improve my game. We also team up for Team La Gira Golf when it comes down to foursome or fourball matchplay and strokeplay tournaments such as the twoplay matchplay championship series presented by His plans are designed to lead both of us on the way to and hopefully through the Qualifying School of the European Senior Tour, Gary would be eligible for QS in 2019, my HCP should better be good enough (HCP 1,0 is required to enter QS) until 2023. Since April 2012 Gary is also Greenkeeper of my home club BGC Stolper Heide, truly not a disadvantage for our plans.

Masiar Aliabbassi (Physio)

Masiar is one of my oldest buddies, we know each other since 1990 when we both started playing for the same Berlin baseball team. From 1993 on we played on the highest German league levels and also started a series of underground DnB parties in Berlin clubs. We also were the leading bouncers of Berlin club ICON from its beginning in 1996 to 2006. Now he runs his own physio praxis and is not only my personal, but also one of the most coveted physio and manual therapists in the city.

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