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Fitness is a personal choice. Learn more about Mike's personal fitness philosophy, workout regimen and nutritional habits which he learned from the world´s best golfer of all times, Tiger Woods.

  • Diet and Nutrition

    diet nutrition

Training and competition place a lot of demands on your body. The right diet can improve your performance and help you recover quickly.

  • Fitness Q & A

    fitness Q & A
    Ask Tiger about fitness

    Submit your own fitness questions for a chance to have them answered by the best golf player of all times and his health & fitness team. This content is part of

  • Fitness Philosophy

    Fitness as a long-term strategy for building and maintaining endurance, strength and agility. It's a continuous cycle of training and recovery.

  • Workout Regimen

    When I'm not playing, I often train from two to 8 hours a day. My basic routine includes stretching, core exercises, cardio and weight training.

  • My Daily Routine

    Find out my schedule for a typical practice day at home when I'm not playing a tournament.